The Syma X5SC Quadcopter HD camera

The Syma X5SC Quadcopter HD camera

For the fans of taking pics and videos with quadcopter and fans of the Syma X5C series, the newest version brings a couple of interesting features. These changes include improvements in size and camera performance.

The very first thing we are all excited about is, of course, the HD camera. This means that you have quadcopter flying 20 feet above your head with a 720p video capability and taking snapshots here and there.

Another excellent feature that we have found pretty cool is the new Headless Flying Function.  The concept is actually pretty simple.  Instead of the quadcopter deciding on which is left and which is right, you make that decision.  So, the quadcopter will fly in the direction you determine. This provides smoother steering. The optional mode can easily be selected on the remote control.

The Syma X5SC Quadcopter is a great choice for beginners. If you want to begin drone filming, this is the best quadcopter for you. The quad comes with a 6-axis gyroscope and a 4-channel flight.  This not only allows easy handling for newbies but also allows pro pilots the option to make pretty nifty tricks.  What tricks can you make?  Well, we did say it has a gyroscope. How about some 360-degree spins? The quad allows you to select between rookie and pro modes. Its 4-channel functionality allows you to increase those banking abilities.

This beast also has some other cool abilities. It has a 50-m range, stability like no other, you can use it either indoors or outdoors, and it has an incredible price tag.

The quad is an amazing tool to use on hikes or just to take overhead snapshots of the paradise you are visiting. It is very durable and easy to charge.