What is special about the Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera?

What is special about the Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera?

The Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera came out two years ago. When it did, it tapped into a market that was emerging - virtual reality. Just like with any new technological gear presenting innovative tech, the Gear 360 VR camera had its drawbacks. Samsung experienced fierce competition from established products such as the GoPro or Sony. But it is good for consumers as they get the best product possible at the most affordable price.


The price of the original Gear 360 Camera VR was at $349. The 2017 edition dropped the price to $86.95. Now the 2017 edition of the Gear 360 4K VR camera dropped its price from $229 to $164, which is a significant decrease making it available to the masses now. 

Important Specs

Let's take a look at what it is that makes this camera special.    

  • The Gear 360 has a redesigned smaller size and an easy-to-hold shape. This makes it easier to operate and carry; it takes very little space. 
  • The agility to eliminate blind spots and double images to get really crispy 4K videos that capture the moment as vivid as if you were there. 
  • Able to live broadcast by connecting to your Galaxy phone. This feature requires an important amount of bandwidth. 
  • Several viewing modes allow you to make fun videos and share them on social media or IM instantly.  

This is really a fun gadget to have if you enjoy taking shots of your life and keeping them in more than your own memory.  Its ergonomic design and size allow you to carry it everywhere.