Few cool gadgets to kick-start your New Year fitness regime

Few cool gadgets to kick-start your New Year fitness regime

With Christmas over, turkeys consumed and mountains of sweet treats guzzled and washed down with generous portions of Prosecco, our attention is now naturally focusing on our waistlines as we shudder at the thought of what our festive indulgences is doing to our bodies.

Don’t despair though, we’ve got some high-tech workout assistants to get you in gear for your new regime.

1. TomTom Multi Sport Cardio GPS HRM Bluetooth Watch: This clever watch tracks performance information like distance, time, pace, calories and optical heart rate. Full-screen graphics allow you to view your stats at all times while making sure stay in your optimal heart rate zone. This gadget isn’t cheaper but, over time, it could work out cheaper than a gym memberships.

2. Monster iSport Victory Headphones: Designed specifically for high intensity and extremely mobile activities, iSport headphones are designed not to fall out of your ears. Built with advanced speaker design technology with tiny but powerful OmniTip nozzle buds, they perform pretty well on the sound spectrum, especially for such a compact set.

3. Withings Aura Active Sleep System: This smart bedside clock comes with an under-the-mattress sensor which monitors and improves sleep patterns. The sensor pad measures heart rate, breathing, and body movement, while the bedside clock senses noise pollution, lighting, and room temperature. Not bad for a bedside clock.

4. Jawbone UP24: The UP24 is a clever little gizmo which when paired with its app, will give you some insight into how you sleep, eat and move, while highlighting areas where you need make lifestyle changes. To keep you motivated, it’ll also celebrate milestones, like how far you’ve run or walked, or how many days you’ve slept properly.

5. Misfit Shine Activity Tracker: Say goodbye to military-style bootcamps and hard-to-please personal trainers. Misfit Shine Activity Tracker will do it all for you – track your walking, running, swimming, cycling, calories and even your sleep patterns (something your trainer can’t do!). Place this on your smart-phone screen to wirelessly sync via Bluetooth.