The GCW-Zero Gaming Console

The GCW-Zero Gaming Console

When the console wars between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are at its peak, here comes the GCW-Zero Gaming Console to save the day. Sony’s PlayStation has amazing games loved by everyone, not any different than X-box, which seems to have better graphics. Then Nintendo, even though it does not share the amazing graphics of these two, has Link and Super Mario to add to the competition. 

Then there is the PC, which seems to rule them all. Let us not forget about mobile games which were revolutionized by the touch screen on cell phones.  One thing that none will offer you is a cross-platform open source gaming console. Well, the GCW-Zero Gaming Console has that covered and puts you in control without any bounds.

The console runs in Linux, which is a flexible software. Being Linux means that you have a lot of open source options from which to choose. You can install games from SEGA, GBA, PlayStation, PC, and more. You can add all the applications you want and you can even change the operating system.  It is extremely versatile and practical.

The GCW-Zero Gaming Console works under the concept that you should be able to customize your gaming experience. It does this by combining the practicality of a hand-held and the entertainment of a console.

Worried about space and power? That is not a problem. This console comes packed with 1.5 GHz processor and a RAM of 512 Mbs. 

It is important to note that since this console can start from scratch, you must have certain knowledge of installing operating systems. So basically, what you get is a white canvas where you can add your own choice of software. It is a geek’s dream and it represents hours of entertainment and fun.