What to expect from Apple ?

What to expect from Apple ?

Apple has been ruling the world for so many years, and yet they keep creating new gadgets that simply leave us speechless.

This year will definitely be another great one because they announced a lot of surprises in 2015. So what to expect from them?

Apple watch - it will not be a new model, but will be upgraded with some new features. There will obviously be several software updates, maybe they will change a display or enhance the exterior design.

iPad - Oh how we love this gadget. There is a rumor that Apple will make a 12-inch iPad, but no one has confirmed that yet. Who knows what will happen.

When it comes to operating system, for both iOS 9, Macs and Apple mobile devices there will be definitely a new one. Apple has said that developers will learn about the future of OS X and iOS.

Some of you may know that last year they brought the two together, so you can expect the same this year, but this time it will be more different.

Apple TV - In March this year, Apple announced that pricing for the current Apple TV would drop, and you can expect a new service ( this is only for the United States ) from HBO because they will stream new channels. A lot of people have predicted this, but no one knew precisely when, maybe it will be now when Apple releases a new TV.