Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s

Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s

Electronic gadgets have been known to have negative impacts on kids as they grow up. Now we are learning that they can also affect kids brains and in this article we will be picking of where we left off in our previous article dubbed “Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s” by looking at some of the negative impacts that are brought with electronic gadgets.

Terrible Child Aggression

There are some games online that portray sex, crime, violence and murder as good things and as a result many kids tend to be very aggressive and violent as they grow up. According to a study that was conducted by the National Institute of Health, there is an increase in the number of kids who are using modern electronic gadgets. This particular aspect has resulted in many traditional boundaries being broken. These boundaries are usually on one’s behavior, values as well as the children growing up in a certain manner. The study goes on to conclude that traditional playground has proven to be very effective when it comes to helping kids be calmer generally and sociable.

Kids Suffer Mental Illness

According to a study dubbed PEACH, kids who tend to spend at least two hours a day in front of tablets, smartphones or any other type of screen are bound to have psychological issues. The study saw more than 1,000 kids taking part. The kids were aged between 10 – 11. The psychological issues that a kid can face are anxiety, a child behavior that is problematic, attention deficit as well as child depression.