Merske Vroom Rider

Merske Vroom Rider

Kids of all ages and even adults love toys. During the earlier days, toys were made out of metal, plastic, stones or woods.


Today, manufacturers focus more on the material and the choices they have are almost endless. Toys are made of non-hazardous material that is harmless to children. Toys play an important role for kids, not only as entertainment but also education. They help in the development of both mental and physical skills.


Merske LLC Company is a leading manufacturer of toy bikes. The company’s focus is to produce a top quality product which is sturdy and which would have a long life, be useful and safe to use by children of all ages. They encourage feedback from buyers and take the comments seriously and implement changes in the design of their toys accordingly. They specialize in toy motorcycles, bikes, ride-em cars, and construction vehicles. All come with a 30-day warranty.


 Some of their motorcycles and dirt bikes available on the market are:


  • Kids Harley Style Chopper/Mk-8001-BK/ Style 6V Motorcycle (different colors)
  • Vroom Rider – battery operated
  • Battery Operated VR093 6V kid’s bike (different colors)
  • Mini Racer Motorcycle 6V Battery Operated (different colors)


These toys are available online and they can also be found in leading brand toy stores.