The kids’ Vtech SmartWatch

The kids’ Vtech SmartWatch

Vtech is a global electronic learning product manufactured in Hong Kong. They supply the product for infants and preschool. They are the world's largest manufacturers and one of the top 50 electronic manufacturing services globally.

About Vtech Smartwatch for kids

The Vtech Smartwatch is made out of rubbery plastic material that protects the watch when it is dropped on the floor and can be worn like other normal watches on the wrist. This is a smartest watch for kids and has a camera and a built-in clock. It is designed to take videos and photos and has a lot of internal memory. This watch has multi-functional technology and fun activities for the kids and also helps them to learn to tell time through use of a variety of clocks. It has three built-in games, a voice recorder, an alarm clock, a timer, and a stopwatch function. The time can be set with a 12hr or 24 hr formats and date according to the zone.


  • Built-in rechargeable battery to be charged for three hours before use.
  • Settings to increase volume, brightness, menu, layout etc.
  • 1.4-inch screen, 128 by 128 resolution with touch functionality.
  • 0.3 Megapixel camera.
  • 640 by 480 resolution for photos and also allows to add various effects to the photos.
  • 320 by 240 or 160 by 120 for videos at 15 frames per second.
  • Mini 2.0 USB port with cable, removable plastic panel.
  • Vtech Learning Lodge app store to download new apps and games.
  • 128mb of internal memory (can store 800 phone or six 1minute videos).
  • USB cable allows the photos and videos to be transferred or downloaded to Windows PC’s or Mac.
  • Watch comes in attractive colors.
  • USB cable to charge via USB port or via the adapter.