The SuperNova Light Cube

The SuperNova Light Cube

In this era of technology, we all want to have the latest devices. We want to keep our computers and smartphones updated. The newest accessory is the SuperNova Light Cube. Here’s everything you need to know about this device:

Speakers can be more than simple accessories. A speaker is essential to be able to listen to music or watch a movie, but it does not have to look dull and boring. Most of the speakers on the market have a modern shape and design, but there’s nothing to make them special. They sit in the corner of your room and you barely notice them. Well, with the SuperNova Light Cube you get more than a simple speaker; it is a LED display that will become the focus of attention in your room.

The speaker is Bluetooth, so there is no need of a cable to connect it to your phone or laptop. You can turn on the lights even when music is not playing which gives you a modern lamp as well as a speaker.

The color pattern within the speaker is quite fascinating, and it will give you a wonderful experience when you watch the lights and the music is playing. If you want to create a nice atmosphere in your room, just turn off any other lights and turn on the SuperNova Light Cube. Since it’s so small (only 6 by 4 inches) it can be placed anywhere.

You can actually choose the color and the pattern of the light display. Change them according to the music you are listening to and the mood you want to create. This device will enhance any décor and be the centre of attention.