What happened to our children ?

What happened to our children ?

When we were kids, we all wanted from “ Santa “ or for our birthday a toy or a ball, or something similar to that.
We knew what it was like to play with our friends, and we could do literally anything.

Unfortunately today things are way different. Kids don’t want to have toys anymore, even though some of them are not even old enough to have any sorts of gadgets.
All they want is a lap top, or new mobile phone, or iPod. We all know how technology is popular among people, and how some of them are maybe obsessed with it, but what happened to our children ? When did they stop being children ?

Manufacturers have one problem, it is called “ age compression “, which means that kids today feel much older, at a much younger age.
Children are growing too fast, and we can no longer say that there are some “ grown up “ gadgets and “ kids “ gadgets, because kids are using mostly the first group of gadgets.

The problem is they are exposed to the media, in both active and passive way. Still, there is one positive thing.
Last year, many companies in big industry sold a lot of products that had a lot of success among kids, especially older ones.

We are hoping that younger kids will see what older ones do, and if they realize that toys are still “ popular “ among children, they will leave gadgets for “ adults “ alone.