Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s 2

Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Kids Brain’s 2

Electronic gadgets have been known over the years to have some negative impact on kids worldwide. That said not many parents have taken the necessary steps to ensure that they minimize the use of electronic gadgets by their kids. According to latest reports, electronic gadgets have a negative effect on kid’s brain and stated in our previous article we will be looking at this effects below.

Not Good For Bedtime

All electronic devices tend to have glow and according to various studies this glow, which has been termed “late-night-glow”, tend to deprive children of their sleep. Many parents have been urged to supervise how their kids use electronic gadgets but unfortunately that has nt been the case. A report by the Kaiser Foundation revealed that a staggering 60% of parents do not supervise their kids when it comes to use of electronic gadgets. Too make it even more worse is that 75% of kids are allowed to take and use their electronic gadgets in their bedrooms. 

Not Good For School

With the lack of sleep, many kids are bound to have a bad performance in school. Lacking sleep does not only affect the development of the child it also plays a key role in how the kid will do in school. According to a recent research, researchers found that children in Asian countries such as China and Thailand were very good in what many consider tough subjects such as mathematics and science and this was due to the fact that they spend little time with technologies as compared to western nations such as the U.S.