Effects of Modern Gadgets On The Development Of Children

Effects of Modern Gadgets On The Development Of Children

Kids and modern-day gadgets are something that you have seen many times. Regardless of how they are playing with the toys, it can be a kid washing an iPhone or even a toddler who has placed the iPhone oh her mouth, there are many instances where kids have been caught playing with different gadgets be it the wrong way. That said, the use of gadgets by kids can actually be harmful to them, this is according to a new study and in this article we will be focusing on some of the effects of modern gadgets on the kids development.


This is actually something that many parents are aware of and despite that they still try to ignore the end results. If your kid spends most of his time playing indoors with computer games and even play stations rather than going outside, there is a high possibility that he/she will be obese. This particular fact can be attributed as to why one in every three children in the U.S. are obese. It is encouraged that parents take charge of their houses and encourage their kids to go outside and play with other children.  

Drastic Brain Development

When a kid is growing, his/her brain also grows until he reaches adulthood. That said , there have been studies that have proved that in an event that a toddler has too many gadgets then this might end up impacting the brain negatively. In fact too much gadgets for a young toddler might end up causing attention deficit, impaired learning, the ability to self-regulation will be minimized, as well as bring with it cognitive delays