Facebook’s messenger game

Facebook’s messenger game

Facebook is constantly trying to upgrade and add a lot of new things in order to attract new users and of course keep the old ones. If you have a Facebook profile, then you probably have Facebook messenger.

It is quite practical thing, where you can answer to any message without being logged in on Facebook.
Now to make it even much better Facebook created a game called “Doodle DrawGame” and Facebook says that this is like the first real game available since the platform launched, which was in April.

In the beginning Facebook allowed things like sound effect makers, also GIF makers and we had Talking Tom which you could use in case you wanted to deliver a funny video message.
Facebook then realized that they want to do something else, add some interesting things in order to enhance their services and to make them even more entertaining. That’s when they decided that maybe it’s the right time to create a game.

Whoever played Draw Something will know what we are talking about, because this game is almost like a copy of that game, some people even think that this game Doodle DrawGame is an actual clone of Draw Something.

If you are creative or you want to be, this game gives you some options such as colors that are actually quite limited and then you can draw something and sent it to your friend and he/she can guess it.

And then if you want to earn more points you can do that by playing this game or inviting your friends to use/buy more colors.